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The Holy Trinity


Andrei Rublev (1370-1430), Russian Painter

Andrei Rublev is synonomous with The Holy Trinity icon, which is in every way a most remarquable icon. The scene, also known as the Hospitality of Abraham [ (1) , (2) ] had been pictured before, but Andre Rublev perfected the visual image and interpretation of the scene. Much has been said and written about this icon. References you can explore include the following :

- The Holy Trinity (Alexander Boguslawski)
- The Icon of the Holy Trinity
- Andrei Rublev’s Icon of the Holy Trinity
- Introduction à l'Icône de la Trinité (French, Pages Orthodoxes La Transfiguration)

Following are his most welknown icons:
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- Holy Trinity
- Entry into Jerusalem
- Savior of Zvenigorod
- The Presentation of Jesus in the Temple
- Saint Paul
- Archangel Michael
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